Experience the RIEL Difference

 Charles Darwin University’s Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) is a globally recognised leader in tropical savanna and arid research. We believe that the co-existence between people and country is at the heart of healthy ecosystems and communities. 

RIEL is nationally and globally recognised as a leader in tropical savanna research in north Australia.

RIEL’s research strengths include biodiversity conservation, savanna and arid adaptation and environments, water and catchments, and communities and livelihoods.

RIEL works with partners in northern Australia to ensure the sustainable management of our unique tropical ecosystems and their resources.

Co-operative research and traditional ecological knowledge are a key aspect of RIEL’s research practice.

RIEL’s ‘livelihoods’ approach explores the coexistence between people and country while recognising the services provided by a healthy environment. 

RIEL’s unique research approach and deep connection with Indigenous communities, governments, businesses and international research centres, has improved the livelihoods of people in tropical savannas locally and regionally.

The RIEL success is in:

  • Developing a world first program for a savanna burning carbon industry in Northern Australia;
  • Increasing the region’s capability in evidence-based environmental management of rivers and their sh;
  • Building capacity within Indigenous communities, in Australia, Timor–Leste and Eastern Indonesia, for natural resource management;
  • Exploring the behavioural and physiological adaptations of animals to savanna and tropical environments;
  • Using the latest molecular and analytical techniques to track the source and fate of chemicals and microbes in the environment;
  • Designing world-class renewable, cost-effective energy systems for tropical savanna environments.