Academic writing in the mountains of West Timor


Academic writing in the mountains of West Timor

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During the second week in May, a dozen academics from five universities (CDU, ANU, UWS, UNDANA, UHO) met in the Mountain town of Soe, in Central West Timor (Indonesia), for a three-day writing workshop. The workshop was coordinated by Rohan Fisher, Sarah Hobgen and Sam Pickering, as part of their DFAT-funded 3.5 year small-scale mining project.

The purpose of the workshop was to work with our Indonesian university partners to develop a  number of journal paper outputs from the last three years of on-ground research and capacity building activities. The workshop was brilliantly facilitated by Dr Vivian from the ANU’s Academic Skills & Learning Centre. Paper outlines were drafted with colleagues from Nusa Cendana University (Kupang) focusing on the potential positive livelihood impacts of small-scale manganese mining west Timor and from Universitas Halu Oleo (South East Sulawesi), focusing on the downstream environmental and social impacts of gold mining. 

Building academic writing skills is important for all people involved in research and even more critical for those with English as a second language. Whilst there is a strong push in Indonesia to increase internationally rated research output language and structured writing skills remain a barrier. It is hoped that this workshop will support some of our long-term partners with their research writing skills and result in a number of important papers being published from this important project.


workshop organising committee in the mountains of Soe


By Rohan Fisher