Fire website receives environmental accolade

A web-based service hosted by Charles Darwin University has been recognised for providing public information to assist fire management in Northern Australia.

The North Australian Fire Information (NAFI) service received Best Collaboration in Natural Resource Management (NRM) at the recent Territory NRM Awards.

The NAFI service was awarded for displaying relevant fire management data, including fire hotspots and fire scars, in the form of maps tailored to North Australian conditions.

Research fellow from the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, Rohan Fisher said the service aimed to meet the needs of North Australian fire managers by providing readily accessible maps, updated almost in real-time.

Mr Fisher oversees the NAFI service's information about the Northern Territory and Kimberly regions and said the website, along with satellite-sourced fire data, was used extensively for fire management operations.

He said a number of savanna burning methodology projects across Northern Australia also relied on the information on the website.

The NAFI team also includes Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research service coordinator Dr Peter Jacklyn and Aidan Joseph from Cape York Sustainable Futures, who is responsible for Queensland mapping.

The service was developed by the former Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre and North Australian fire managers and is supported by the Federal Department of the Environment and Regional NRM groups. Hotspots are sourced from Landgate Western Australia and Geoscience Australia and fire scars are sourced from the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research and Cape York Peninsula Sustainable Futures.

Source: CDU enews
Issue 11 - 7 December 2015