Natural Resources and Indigenous Livelihoods Course 2017

This short course covers the connections between natural resource-based enterprise development and local and Indigenous livelihoods, and features a 5 day intensive based in Darwin and its environs. The intensive may be taken as a 5 day short-course on a fee for service basis by those already working in a related sector. For Masters or final year Bachelor students, the intensive is part of a fully accredited unit at CDU. Theory is integrated with Australian and international examples with an emphasis on issues pertinent to desert and tropical Australia (including coastal environments). This course will link theory and applied topics, through a combination of lectures, discussions and field-based observation during the 5 day intensive.

The course and intensive cover six themes:
1. Indigenous livelihoods and diversification in the context of bush and marine product enterprises,
2. Sustainable harvests and commercial use of natural resources,
3. Economics, markets and value-chains,
4. Policy issues,
5. Communication and marketing approaches,
6. Community engagement and participation processes and tools.

This intensive features field trips that will take place in the Darwin-Daly and outer Darwin region. They will involve an introduction to two natural resource-based enterprises which will be later critiqued to determine the critical issues affecting their establishment, operation and sustainability. The 1.5 days of field trips will be integrated with 3.5 days of seminars and workshop sessions.

Course will start at 9am on Monday 11 September and finish by 5pm on Friday 15 September, 2017.

CDU MEM, BES and BSc students $100 (+HECS) for field trip costs (transport and weaving tour costs). External participants $990 for tuition and field trip costs.

Maximum 25 participants on a first come, first serve basis. Email Julian for a registration form. For MEM/BSc students send Julian a completed Change of Enrolment form.

 Please contact Julian Gorman on 8946 6732 or for more information