Adam Britton

Adam Britton
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Senior Research Associate
Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
Zoology B.Sc.(Hons), University of Leeds, UK Zoology Ph.D., University of Bristol, UK


Adam works primarily in the field of crocodile conservation management, biology and behaviour. He is working on a number of projects in conjunction with RIEL, including assessing the feasibility of wild crocodile egg harvests in Queensland, studying migratory behaviour, and phylogeography of populations. Adam also teaches a VET Cert. II course in Remote Crocodile Management through CDU.

My blog posts

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Crocodiles have what many consider a rather off-putting character trait: they bite.

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As well as being a senior research associate at RIEL I also run a consultancy, Big Gecko, which specialises in all things crocodile.