Alyson Stobo-Wilson

Alyson Stobo-Wilson
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PhD Candidate
Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
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I am a PhD student studying the ecology of the northern 'Lambalk' glider (Petaurus breviceps ariel) in northern Australia. My project will provide an exciting opportunity to identify and describe a new species and assess the conservation status of arboreal mammals in northern Australia. I am looking forward to working in some of the Territory’s most scenic areas, including Kakadu national park and the Cobourg peninsular.

Prior to this opportunity, I completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Tasmania in 2014. For my honours project I was lucky enough to be based in South Australia’s iconic Flinders Ranges National Park. I investigated the effectiveness and implications of management strategies targeting two of the biggest threats to Australian fauna; the red fox and the feral cat.

I have a strong interest in conservation ecology and wildlife management. After a five-year absence while completing my undergraduate degree, I am enjoying living back in Darwin and look forward to working towards describing and mitigating the threats our native fauna are currently facing in northern Australia.


Lambalk glider trapped in Katherine, 2014.

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Amanda Lilleyman
PhD student and Research Associate for TSR NESP Project 5.1.1
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Dr Diane Pearson
Alumni - Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Don Franklin
Adjunct Research Fellow
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Muhammad Quddus
PhD Student
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Adam Britton
Adjunct - Senior Research Associate
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Cassie Scoble
Research Associate
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Dr E.O. Menge
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Anna Weier
PhD Student
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Stewart Pittard
PhD Candidate
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Eddie Webber
Alumni - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
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Dr Brett Murphy
Senior Research Fellow
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Natalie Dowling
PhD Candidate
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Billy Ross
PhD Student
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Dr Hamish Campbell
Associate Professor
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Harinandanan Paramjyothi
PhD Student
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Amélie Corriveau
PhD Student
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Dr Leigh-Ann Woolley
Research Associate
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Rebecca Lehrke
PhD Student
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Cara Ellen Penton
PhD Candidate

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