Clément Duvert

Clément Duvert
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Research fellow
Primary research group: 
Ecosystem Function
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My research interests revolve around understanding the movement of water and associated solutes through the landscape. I use a range of techniques to evaluate the residence time of water in catchments and to delineate flowpaths from recharge areas to discharge points. I am particularly interested in assessing how catchments respond to extreme recharge events.

I have previous experience in assessing inter-aquifer connectivity and in measuring suspended particulate matter in mountainous rivers. I have conducted fieldwork in various parts of the world including Sweden, Laos, Mexico, France and Australia.

My current research at RIEL aims at quantifying the export of inorganic and organic carbon from tropical savanna soils to rivers via the groundwater component. This research is funded by an ARC-DP grant



PhD hydrology-hydrogeology, Queensland University of Technology
MSc water engineering, ENSEGID Bordeaux
BSc environmental science, IUT Saint-Etienne – Univ. Avignon