Dr. Bronwyn Myers

Dr. Bronwyn Myers
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Primary research group: 
Natural Resources-Based Livelihoods


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Dr Bronwyn Myers’ early research has been the eco-physiological responses of plants to drought and salinity stress. She has conducted this research in natural ecosystems in temperate and tropical areas of Australia, and in agricultural systems in temperate Australia. More recently, she has gained extensive experience in coordinating research and training programs and writing and editing review reports in a number of areas of natural resource management.

Dr Myers has managed major research projects in both southern and northern Australia. Whilst employed by the Victorian Department of Agriculture, she supervised technical and field staff, and supervised undergraduate students from Australian universities and a number of European universities as well as supervising postgraduate students.

She has managed two ACIAR-funded projects on fire in northern Australia and Indonesia, AusAID-funded projects on land and resource management in eastern Indonesia, and on health mapping in eastern Indonesia, and a DCCEE-funded project on climate change impacts on groundwater resources in Timor-Leste.

Teaching engagments include:

  • Development and delivery of the Eastern Indonesian Field intensive unit

Postgraduate supervision

  • Sarah Hobgen
  • I Wayan Mudita
  • Abu Nasar Abdullah
  • Abilio da Fonseca
  • Kamy Melvani
  • Frederika Rambu Ngana

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My projects

Services are required to provide a report that examines the sensitivity and exposure of East Timo

The use of satellite data for mapping and monitoring is an important tool assisting effective and

People I work with

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Assoc Prof Natasha Stacey
Natural resources-based livelihoods, Associate Professor
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Dr. Abu Nasar Abdullah
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Frances Every
Alumni - PhD Student
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Julian Gorman
Research Fellow
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Indrawati Y. Asmara
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Luke Preece
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Nick Hogarth
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Nick Smith
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Ria Fitriana
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Dr Sarah Hobgen
Research Associate
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Prof. Owen Stanley
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Kamal Melvani
PhD Student
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Ronju Ahammad
PhD Candidate (Forest Science)
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Dirk Steenbergen
Post-doctoral Fellow (NAMRA)
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Pia Harkness
PhD Student
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Frederika Rambu Ngana
PhD student
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Hannah Ling
PhD Student
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Dr Lisa Petheram
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Sam Pickering
Research Associate
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Kim Hunnam
PhD Student
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Gianna Bonis-Profumo
PhD Candidate
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Emily Gibson
PhD Student

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In a rural village in eastern Indonesia a young boy is playing with his younger sister in the dusty yard around the house.

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Mila Bristow and Bronwyn Myers visited RIEL PhD student Kamy Melvani in Sri Lanka last week.

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What do tropical fire ecologists do when they choose to experience a European winter for their holidays?

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