Dr Christine Schlesinger

Dr Christine Schlesinger
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Senior Research Fellow
Primary research group: 
Animal Physiological Ecology
PhD (Science) , DipEd. (Adult Education) BSc(Hons)
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Christine Schlesinger is an ecologist  specialising in desert environments and with an emphasis on the ecology and conservation of vertebrate animals.

Her current research is focussed on the impacts of invasive grasses on ecological communities. She is particularly interested in how climatic variability in arid Australia determines local strategies conservation and land managament, both on and off reserves and in how Indigenous people can have better opportunities for involvement in land management.

Christine coordinates the Environmental Science degree and teaches ecology, wildlife management and academic writing. She is based at the CDU Alice Springs campus.

Current students

Erin Westerhuis (PhD): Do river red gum woodlands in central Australia provide stable resources that support stable bird and bat assemblages Supervised by Dr Christine Schlesinger, Prof. Keith Christian , Dr Steve Morton, Dr Catherine Nano

Ellen Ryan-Colton (PhD): Does buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) invasion impact plant-animal interactions in an arid system? Supervised by Dr Christine Schlesinger, Prof Glenda Wardle (UniSyd), Dr John Read (UniAdel), Prof Kris French (UoW)

Bruce Pascoe (PhD): Community Ecology of the avifauna of tall shrublands in arid Australia: Supervised by Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Dr Chris Pavey (CSIRO), Dr Steve Morton (CDU)

Simon Votto (PhD): Interactions between terrestrial vertebrates and ground water associated microrefugia in the central ranges of Australia under a warming climate: Supervised by Prof. Jenny Davis, Dr Christine Schlesinger, Dr Fiona Dyer, Dr Valerie Caron

Bronte Stray (Honours): The effect of introduced buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) on the foraging behaviour of the endangered Slater’s skink (Liopholis slateri). Supervised by Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Prof Mike Bull (Flinders)

Recent completions

Nerida Liddle (Honours) Availability and use of root-dwelling larvae as a food source for the greater bilby, Macrotis lagotis, in the fire prone Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory. Supervisors  Dr Christine Schlesinger, Dr Rachel Paltridge (CDU Adjunct) (2016)

Rachel O’Leary (Masters): Environmental, social and economic benefits and costs of delivering a recycling service in Alice Springs Supervisors: Profolf Ger Rritsen (CDU), Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU) (2016)

Erin Westerhuis (Honours): Developing a monitoring system for river red gum communities along ephemeral river corridoors in central Australia: Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Grant Allan (Parks and Wildlife Commission) (2015)

Jenna Ridley (Honours): The distribution and abundance of Tjakura or the great desert skink (Liopholis kintorei) in relation to fire history within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Prof Mike Bull (Flinders) (2015)

Sarah Bonney (Honours): Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) and ants: effects on species assemblages and seed dispersal. Supervisors: Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Prof Alan Andersen (CSIRO) (2013)

Jane Walker (PhD): The culture of conservation: Valuing Aboriginal land management in arid Australian Protected areas
Supervisors: Prof Rolf Gerritsen (SSPR, CDU), Dr Christine Schlesinger (SELS, CDU), Dr Jocelyn Davies (CSIRO/Desert Knowledge CRC) (2011)

Dianne Bell (Honours): Temporal Patterns of Terrestrial Beetle Assemblages in Central Australia: The Influence of Climate
Supervisors: Dr Christine Schlesinger (SELS, CDU), Dr Chris Palmer (NRETAS) (2011)

Lauren Young (Honours): The effects of the invasive grass, Cenchrus ciliaris (buffel grass) on the habitat use and behaviour of birds in semi-arid Australia (2011)

Matt Gillis (Masters of Tropical Environmental Management): Bird species of Mulga (Acacia aneura): Diversity and abundance within a conservation reserve (2009)

Megan Ford (Honours): Foraging behaviour and burrow use of the endangered skink Egernia slateri
Supervisors: Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Dr Chris Pavey (NRETAS) 2009

Amelia Graham (Masters of Tropical Environmental Management): Analysis of wild harvest, enrichment and horticultural approaches to the production of bush foods
Supervisors: Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU), Prof Stephen Garnett (CDU), Dr Tony Cunningham (CDU), Dr Penny Wurm (CDU) 2008

Heidi Groffen (Masters of Captive Vertebrate Management, Charles Sturt University): Does weed management on land for wildlife properties in Alice Springs affect biodiversity? Working toward a self-assessment approach to encourage good management
Supervisor: Dr Christine Schlesinger (CDU) 2008

My projects

The behaviour of arid zone birds at artificial bathing sites in dense areas of introduced buffel

This project involves assessing the benefits to native terrestrail fauna of small scale restorati

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