Dr David Blondeau-Patissier

Dr David Blondeau-Patissier


 Research Interests:

  • Satellite oceanography using Envisat and Sentinels satellite missions (European Space Agency)
  • Water quality monitoring and marine optics

David joined RIEL early 2012 as a NAMRA post-doctoral research fellow (March 2012- March 2015), working on the monitoring of water quality and phytoplankton blooms in Darwin Harbour and the Van Diemen Gulf using ocean colour satellite data and marine optics. Retaining an Honorary Research position with RIEL, David is now with the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere flagship remote sensing team (Dutton Park, Brisbane).

Current projects include:

- oil pollution detection and monitoring around Australia's coastline with the Sentinels satellites,

- water quality monitoring in the coastal waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Northern Australia

My projects

Monitoring water quality in Darwin Harbour and the Van Diemen Gulf using remote sensing

Ocean Colour Remote Sensing and Marine Optics

People I work with

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Dr Karen Joyce
Adjunct - Senior Lecturer
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Dr Ian Leiper
Lecturer - Research Fellow
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Muditha Heenkenda
PhD Student
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Olukemi Alaba
Masters Student
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Javier Chen
Alumni - Honours Student
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Andrew Esparon
Research Masters
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Assoc Prof Shaun Levick
Associate Professor

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