Dr Hamish Campbell

Dr Hamish Campbell
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Senior Research Fellow/Senior Lecturer
Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
Ph.D. Zoology, University of Plymouth (UK)
+61 (08) 89466017


I attained a PhD of Zoology in 2001. I have combined this zoological training with the spatial sciences to develop a research program within the emerging fields of ‘Movement Ecology’ and ‘Applied Experimental Ecology’. At CDU I lead the Movement and Landscape Ecology lab (MLE-lab). The lab specialises in the design and attachment of animal-borne telemetric devices, utilizing a range of emerging technologies (VHF, RFID, satellite, and underwater acoustics). The collected animal location data is modelled with landscape information derived from remote-sensing or unmanned aerial vehicles, to address hypotheses about the spatiotemporal relationship between the animals and their environment. In particular, what drives animals to move, how do they respond to environmental heterogeneity, and why do they select certain areas over others at specific times. The overarching objective of the research is to provide information to better inform management and conservation objectives for wildlife and fisheries.

I am also interested in the development of collaborative cyber-infrastructure for the sharing and reuse of ecological data. One of my facilities is the ZoaTrack platform. The objective of ZoaTrack is to provide a one-stop data repository for information about the movement, migration, and site preferences of Australasian wildlife and fisheries. The site provides tools for the analysis and visualization of animal tracking data, search facilities, and enables researchers to mint a unique DOI for their data-collections. The platform is governed by the the Atlas of Living Australia and can be accessed at ZoaTrack.org.

At Charles Darwin University I am the course coordinator for the Graduate Diploma in Spatial Sciences, and coordinator for the units Introduction to GIS (ENV208 & ENV508), and Advanced Spatial Analysis (ENV318 &ENV518). 

My professional duties include:  associate editor of the scientific journal 'Austral Ecology', appointed member of the Commonwealth's Threatend Species Scientific Committe, and data committee member for the Australian Animal Tracking and Monitoring System (AATAMS).

Current Higher Degree Research Students

  • Marilyn Connell (Masters of Research) - "Assessing the population dynamics of the endangered Mary River turtle." [connellmarilyn@gmail.com]
  • Tom Lawton (Masters of Research) - "Assessing if anthropogenic food sources act as ecological sinks for the southern cassowary." [tommylawton85@hotmail.com]
  • Amélie Corriveau (Ph.D.) - "Understanding and mitigating the aggregative behaviour of the Magpie Goose (Anseranas semipalmata) on mango orchards in the Northern Territory." [amelie.corriveau@cdu.edu.au]
  • Steven McAlpine (Ph.D.) - "The ecology and conservation status of the yakka skink." [smcalpin@myune.edu.au]

The MLE-lab has a number of vacancies for enthusiastic budding ecologists and spatial scientists. Please check out 'My Opportunities' (below)  for upcoming projects. 


Recent Publications

  1.  Dwyer, R.G., Carpenter‐Bundhoo, L., Franklin, C.E., Campbell H.A. (2016). Using citizen‐collected wildlife sightings to predict traffic strike hot spots for threatened species: a case study on the southern cassowary. Journal of Applied Ecology. In Press (DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12635).
  2. Campbell, H.A., Urbano, F., Davidson, S., Dettki, H., Cagnacci F. (2015). A plea for standards in reporting data collected by animal-borne electronic devices. Animal Biotelemetry 4(1).
  3. Campbell, H.A., Beyer, H.L, Dennis, T.E, Dwyer, R.G., Forester, J.D., et al (2015). Finding our way: On the sharing and reuse of animal telemetry data in Australasia. Science in the Total Environment (Special issue: Catalysing transdisciplinary synthesis in ecosystem science and management) 534: 79-84.
  4. Campbell, H.A., Dwyer, R.G., Wilson, H., Irwin, T., Franklin, C.E. (2015). Predicting the probability of large carnivore and human co-occurrence: A conservation strategy to promote human coexistence with crocodiles. Animal Conservation 18(4): 387-395.
  5. Hanson, J.O., Salisbury, S.W. Campbell, H.A., Dwyer, R.G., Jardine, T.D., Franklin, C.E. (2015). Feeding across the food web: the interaction between diet, movement, and body size. Austral Ecology 40(3): 275-286.

You can find my full list of publications and the downloadable PDFs on my Research Gate page.

My projects

Collaborative cyber-infrastructure for the animal tracking research community

track of sooty shearwater

Understanding the trophic ecology of the Northern quoll

Northern quoll

Tracking saltwater crocodiles and sharks in the top-end

People I work with

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Amanda Lilleyman
PhD student and Research Associate for TSR NESP Project 5.1.1
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Dr Diane Pearson
Alumni - Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Don Franklin
Adjunct Research Fellow
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Eddie Webber
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Harinandanan Paramjyothi
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Dr Leigh-Ann Woolley
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Rebecca Lehrke
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Cara Ellen Penton
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