Dr Hamish Campbell

Dr Hamish Campbell
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Associate Professor
Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
Ph.D. Zoology, University of Plymouth (UK)
+61 (08) 89466666


Hamish Campbell is a RIEL Senior Research Fellow and leader of the Movement and Landscape Ecology Laboratory (MLE-Lab) at Charles Darwin University. He is also the Senior Lecturer in Spatial Sciences for the School of Environment and runs the CDU Drone School. 

 Hamish is interested in studying the spatiotemporal relationship between animals and their environment. In particular, what drives animals to move, how do they respond to environmental heterogeneity, and why they select certain areas over others. Understanding how animals move through space and time is fundamental to ecological processes, and Hamish’s research aids in the management of  Australia's invasive and threatened species. His current projects study the movement and migration of birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish across Northern Australia. He currently sits on the Commenwealth Threatened Species Scientific Committee, which advises the Australian Government on matters of national environmental significance.


Current Higher Degree Research Students

  • Karlee Peacock (Honours) - "Investigation of the behavioural changes in fish associated with exposure to chemical and visual cues of a crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) predator." [karlee.peacock@students.cdu.edu.au]
  • Sydney Collett (Honours) - "A study of critical habitat for the endangered Mary River Turtle (Elusor macrurus) and White-throated Snapping Turtle (Elseya albagula)." [sydney.collett@students.cdu.edu.au]
  • Marilyn Connell (Masters of Research) - "Assessing the population dynamics of the endangered Mary River turtle." [connellmarilyn@gmail.com]
  • Tom Lawton (Masters of Research) - "Assessing if anthropogenic food sources act as ecological sinks for the southern cassowary." [tommylawton85@hotmail.com]
  • Amélie Corriveau (Ph.D.) - "Understanding and mitigating the aggregative behaviour of the Magpie Goose (Anseranas semipalmata) on mango orchards in the Northern Territory." [amelie.corriveau@cdu.edu.au]
  • Rebecca Lehrke (Ph.D.) - "Using weather surveillance radar to detect the environmental drivers of dispersal
    in the Magpie Goose (Anseranus semipalmata)." [rebecca.lehrke@cdu.edu.au]
  • Ruth Patterson (Ph.D.) - "Assessing the drivers of movement of marine megafauna in northern Australian waters." [ruth.patterson@cdu.edu.au]
  • Shandala Loving (Ph.D.) - "Understanding the drivers and implication for management of feral pig (Sus scrofa) movement and distribution in Northern Australian wetlands." [shandala.loving@cdu.edu.au]


 Current Staff

Mr David Loewensteiner (Research Assistant)
Ph: 08 8946 6762      Email: David.Loewensteiner@cdu.edu.au
Dr Mariana Campbell (Research Associate) 
Ph: 08 8946 7290       Email: Mariana.Campbell@cdu.edu.au

Recent Publications

  1. DT Roberts, V Udyawer, C Franklin, RG Dwyer, HA Campbell (2017). Using an acoustic telemetry array to assess fish volumetric space use: a case study on impoundments, hypoxia and an air-breathing species (Neoceratodus forsteri). Marine and Freshwater Research 68 (8), 1532-1543. 
  2. BJ Lyon, RG Dwyer, RD Pillans, HA Campbell, CE Franklin (2017). Distribution, seasonal movements and habitat utilisation of an endangered shark, Glyphis glyphis, from northern Australia. Marine Ecology Progress Series 573, 203-213.
  3. MA Micheli-Campbell, MJ Connell, RG Dwyer, CE Franklin, B Fry, MJ Kennard, J Tao, HA Campbell (2017). Identifying critical habitat for freshwater turtles: integrating long-term monitoring tools to enhance conservation and management. Biodiversity and Conservation 26 (7), 1675-1688.
  4. J McGowan, M Beger, RL Lewison, R Harcourt, HA Campbell, M Priest, RG Dwyer, HY Lin, P Lentini, C Dudgeon, C McMahon, M Watts, HP Possingham (2017). Integrating research using animal‐borne telemetry with the needs of conservation management. Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (2), 423-429.
  5.  RG Dwyer, L Carpenter‐Bundhoo, CE Franklin, HA Campbell (2016). Using citizen‐collected wildlife sightings to predict traffic strike hot spots for threatened species: a case study on the southern cassowary. Journal of Applied Ecology 53 (4), 973-982.

You can find my full list of publications and the downloadable PDFs on my Research Gate page.

My projects

The aim of this project is to develop methodology to reveal if crocodiles are present or absent f

Granivorous finches have declined in abundance across north Australia.

This project aims to develop substantially cheaper and simpler-to-use animal locating technology

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Amanda Lilleyman
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Amélie Corriveau
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Rebecca Lehrke
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