Dr Karen Joyce

Dr Karen Joyce
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Adjunct - Senior Lecturer
Primary research group: 
Remote Sensing

My projects

We know that students learn best if they are active.How can we make sure this happens in our classrooms?

Using automated remote sensing analysis for observing fine scale vegetation dynamics

Have the benthic habitats of the southern Great Barrier Reef changed over the past 13 years?

Using remote sensing to understand the effects of fire and grazing

People I work with

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Dr Ian Leiper
Lecturer - Research Fellow
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Dr David Blondeau-Patissier
Alumni - Honorary Research Fellow
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Muditha Heenkenda
PhD Student
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Olukemi Alaba
Masters Student
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Javier Chen
Alumni - Honours Student
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Andrew Esparon
Research Masters

My blog posts

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What does a flipped classroom look like? And is there a recipe to follow for success?

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