Dr Krystle Keller

Dr Krystle Keller
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Research Fellow - Aquatic Ecology
Primary research group: 
Aquatic Ecology and Management
PhD (Marine Ecology)- University of NSW Bachelor of Marine Science (Hons.)- Macquarie University Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)- University of Sydney
08 8946 7412


Krystle is currently involved in a collaborative research project to investigate the environmental water requirements of a number of key ecological assets, such as Sooty Grunter (Hephaestus fuliginosus) and pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculptain the Daly River, NT. This project is funded by the Northern Australia Environmental Resources (NAER) Hub of the National Environmental Science Program (NESP).

People I work with

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Prof Michael Douglas
Adjunct - Freshwater ecology & management
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Dr. Erica A. Garcia
Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Peter Kyne
Senior Research Fellow
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Assoc Prof Alison King
Principle Research Fellow - Aquatic Ecology
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Assoc Prof David Crook
Principal Research fellow
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Pierre Feutry
Alumni - Research Fellow
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Duncan Buckle
Alumni - Research Associate
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Laura Taillebois
Postdoctoral Fellow (NAMRA)
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Kyle Tyler
PhD Candidate
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Bryan Baker
PhD Student
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Prof Jenny Davis
Head, School of Environment
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Dion Wedd
Senior Research Assistant-Aquatic Ecology