Dr Mila Bristow

Dr Mila Bristow
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Primary research group: 
Ecosystem Function
PhD Forest Science, Southern Cross University BSc (Hons) Plant Ecology, University of Queensland


Mila Bristow has worked in forest ecosystem science in northern Australia for over 18 years. She has conducted research into site-species matching and optimum plantation designs for novel tropical plantation species for use by small-scale and industrial plantation growers in Queensland. While working in north Queensland, she did her PhD with Southern Cross University investigating innovative analysis and modelling techniques to question competition in polycultures and the functional consequences of diversity in plantations. Mila is interested in increasing productivity in managed forests and reducing simplicity in forested landscapes. Her work focuses on fundamental questions about carbon and water capture, storage and flux in plantations and native forests. Currently Mila is a research fellow and lecturer at CDU investigating the impact of land use change by measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, soil carbon and nitrogen, water resources and dry season environmental flows in tropical savannas.

Research Interests

  • Land use and land use change
  • Functional ecology
  • Biogeochemical cycling
  • Tropical forest science
  • Sustainable agroecological production systems
  • Plant ecophysiology


Professional Affiliations

  • Australian Forest Growers
  • Australian Society of Plant Scientists
  • Ecological Society of Australia



My projects

This is a joint proposal to address data and policy needs for the development of water planning i

People I work with

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Lindsay Hutley
Professor of Environmental Science
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Matthew Northwood
Research Officer Land-Atmosphere Program (Reserach Associate)
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Clint Cameron
PhD Candidate / Lecturer in Sustainability
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Madeline Goddard
Honours student - Research Assistant
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Sigit D. Sasmito
PhD Researcher
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Clément Duvert
Research fellow

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