Dr Niels Crosley Munksgaard

Dr Niels Crosley Munksgaard
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Senior Research Fellow
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Coastal Processes and Monitoring
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Niels Crosley Munksgaard is a Chartered Chemist (CCHEM) with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. He earned his pH.D in Geology and Geochemistry from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

After working as a North Sea oil-field geologist for a few years he took up a position at Macquarie University in Sydney in charge of a geochemical laboratory and conducted geological research in Antarctica. In 1990 Niels moved to the Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University) and helped establish the Environmental Analytical Chemistry Unit, now the Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology Unit (ECMU).

The ECMU has expanded into a significant provider of consultancy services in environmental research and chemical analysis for government and industry in Northern Australia. This has enabled the ECMU to contribute analytical services to the research projects of over 100 staff members and postgraduate students and the facility has attracted significant government funding for research and infrastructure.

Niels’s research effort within RIEL is focussed on the role of metal and nutrient pollutants associated with mining and urban development in coastal and marine environments of Northern Australia. This work has involved using of a wide range of advanced analytical techniques such as isotope techniques for tracing pollutant sources. Niels is also working in collaboration with James Cook University to establish MAFIA (Mobile Australian Field Isotope Alliance). This project is developing world-first stable isotope instruments capable of performing high resolution measurements in time and space. These techniques are aimed at expanding our capabilities in hydrological and climate change research.

Niels is a founding member of the Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology Unit (ECMU) and have conducted research consultancy projects for over 20 years and produced in excess of 100 consultancy reports. The ECMU has expanded into a significant provider of specialised environmental chemistry research and analysis in Northern Australia. Research and consultancy collaborations have been forged with both government and private industry and include: Northern Territory Government Departments, Power and Water Corporation, Northern Land Council, Australian Institute of Marine Science, CSIRO, Earth Water and Life Sciences, Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist, GEMCO-BHP Billiton, Minerals and Metals Group,  Rio Tinto Alcan- Gove, Rio Tinto Research & Development, Xstrata McArthur River Mine.

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During January 2013, a community sampling program was launched to collect rainfall during a monso

96 hour back trajectories of air parcels arriving in Darwin

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The Mobile Australian Field Isotope Alliance (MAFIA) is a collaboration between James Cook University (JCU), Charles Darwin University (CDU) and the Australian National University (ANU).

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