Dr Sean Bellairs

Dr Sean Bellairs
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Senior Research Fellow
Primary research group: 
Environmental Science Learning and Teaching
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My research specialisations are in the areas of restoration ecology, seed biology and commercialisation of native plants.

My restoration ecology investigations include assessing vegetation community development; determining indicators of successful ecological structure and functioning; establishment ecology; and seed biology and dormancy of Australian native plant species. I have been sponsored to carry out research into the establishment of native flora communities on disturbed lands by mining companies, government agencies and the Australian Research Council at sites in the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Prior to March 2002, I was a research fellow at the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, The University of Queensland. I carried out research projects for mining company and industry body clients to solve issues with the rehabilitation of sustainable low maintenance native vegetation communities on mine-sites.

Other plant science areas include investigating the seed biology of threatened species and for the last several years I have investigated the commercialisation of Australian native rice species with Dr Penny Wurm.


Includes first year biology (ENV102 Diversity of Life), second year plant science units (ENV203 Environmental Survey and Monitoring Skills; ENV204 Ecosystems and Biodiversity; ENV206 Environmental Physiology) and third year and masters level units in Ecological Restoration and Conservation (ENV303/ENV503).


Student project supervision

I also supervise student research projects at undergraduate, Honours, Masters of Environmental Science and PhD level.  I usually have plant science, seed biology or mining rehabilitation projects available for undergraduate, Honours and masters research projects. 

  • See the "More info" tab for details on available Funded Honours and PhD projects.

* PhD PROJECT investigating rehabilitation of Utricularia after sand extraction - $10,000 pa top up scholarship offered.

Principal research areas include:

  • seed biology, dormancy, viability and establishment ecology,
  • mine site rehabilitation,
  • weed biology and ecological control of weeds
  • ecological success criteria for rehabilitation of disturbed lands.
  • biology of threatened flora species,
  • commercial utilisation of native species

Honours projects available 2014:

  • Biology of the carnivorous genus Utricularia
  • Restoration of gravel mined areas in the Darwin rural area
  • Seed biology of Australian native species.
  • Plasticity in Australian native rice species in response to water levels.