Heidi Luter

Heidi Luter
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Adjunct - NAMRA Postdoctoral Fellow
Primary research group: 
Coastal Processes and Monitoring
PhD - Marine Microbiology
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Dr Luter is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the North Australian Marine Research Alliance (NAMRA).  Heidi is investigating the impacts of water quality in Darwin Harbour on the sponge holobiont (sponge host & microbial associates) in collaboration with Nicole Webster (AIMS), Karen Gibb and Anna Padovan (CDU) and Belinda Alvarez Glasby (MAGNT).

For more details, pleas see http://www.namra.net.au/

People I work with

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Prof Karen Gibb
Director, RIEL
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Dylan Campbell
Alumni - Research Associate
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Prof Chris Austin
Adjunct Research Fellow
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Dionisia Lambrinidis
Research Associate - Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology Unit
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Francoise Foti
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Professor Karen Edyvane
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Dr Niels Crosley Munksgaard
Senior Research Fellow
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Anna Padovan
Research Fellow
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Alea Rose
PhD Student - Research Associate
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Simon Townsend
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Kanchana Warnakulasooriya
PhD candidate
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Silvia Tonyes
PhD Student
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Rinah Sani
Administrative Leader - Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology Unit