Indrawati Y. Asmara

Indrawati Y. Asmara
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Primary research group: 
Natural Resources-Based Livelihoods


Indigenous chicken breeds form part of the global Animal Genetic Resources (AnGRs). In Indonesia, as elsewhere, a number of indigenous chicken breeds are in danger of extinction. The major cause of such a decline is the replacement of indigenous breeds with non-indigenous breeds which are perceived to be more productive.

My thesis aims at providing recommendation to develop conservation strategies for indigenous chicken breeds in Java on the following three bases. Firstly, understanding causes of indigenous chicken decline; secondly, determining the risk status of the indigenous breeds, and finally, eliciting the economic value of the breeds to farmers.

People I work with

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Assoc Prof Natasha Stacey
Natural resources-based livelihoods, Associate Professor
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Dr. Abu Nasar Abdullah
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Frances Every
Alumni - PhD Student
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Julian Gorman
Research Fellow
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Luke Preece
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Nick Hogarth
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Nick Smith
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Ria Fitriana
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Dr Sarah Hobgen
Research Associate
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Prof. Owen Stanley
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Kamal Melvani
PhD Student
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Ronju Ahammad
Casual Researcher
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Dirk Steenbergen
Post-doctoral Fellow (NAMRA)
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Pia Harkness
PhD Student
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Frederika Rambu Ngana
PhD student
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Hannah Ling
PhD Student
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Dr Lisa Petheram
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Sam Pickering
Research Associate
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Kim Hunnam
PhD Student
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Gianna Bonis-Profumo
PhD Candidate
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Emily Gibson
PhD Student