Javier Chen

Javier Chen
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Alumni - Honours Student
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Remote Sensing



Hua(Javier) Chen has recently enrolled as an honours student at Charles Darwin University (CDU), where he completed a Bachelor of Science in semester 1, 2014. He also completed a work placement with the Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist (ERISS), which provides and operates the Unmanned Airborne System (UAS) and remote controlled boat for this project. This study is supervised by David Blondeau-Patissier, Karen Joyce, Renee Bartolo, and Kate Turner from the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) and ERISS.

Topic: Water turbidity monitoring of tropical billabongs in the Alligator Rivers Region: Using an Unmanned Aerial System and very high spatial resolution imagery

My projects

Can off the shelf digital cameras be used to map water turbidity when flown at low altitude from an unmanned platform?

People I work with

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Dr Karen Joyce
Adjunct - Senior Lecturer
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Dr Ian Leiper
Lecturer - Research Fellow
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Dr David Blondeau-Patissier
Alumni - Honorary Research Fellow
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Muditha Heenkenda
PhD Student
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Olukemi Alaba
Masters Student
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Andrew Esparon
Research Masters

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