Kamaljit K. Sangha

Kamaljit K. Sangha


Kamaljit Sangha works as an Ecological Economist at the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research. Currently, she is involved in developing mechanisms for Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), for a BNH CRC funded project on Scoping Resilience of Remote Indigenous Communities in northern Australia, led by Prof. Jeremy Russell-Smith. She has developed skills and knowledge in the trans-disciplinary area of ecological economics over the last 15-20 years. Her main research interests include:

1. Understanding and highlighting the role of natural systems for human wellbeing (particulary, Indigenous and local communities)

2. Valuing ecosystems for their services (ES) to inform policy decision making

3. Natural resource management by integrating socio-economic and ecological perspectives

4. Understanding the role of 'country' for Indigenous wellbeing through evaluating marketable (tangible) and non-marketable (intangible) benefits 


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I recently conducted a workshop on Ecosystems and Indigenous and Local Peoples Well-being, at the OCEANIA Ecosystem Services forum, held in Brisban