Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson
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Alumni - PhD Student
Bachelor of Science (genetics and zoology), University of Otago Bachelor of Science with Honours (genetics), University of Otago


I carried out my undergraduate studies at the University of Otago from 2009 to 2013. I moved to the Australian National University in 2014 to take up further research studies towards a Ph.D. I am studying under the joint ANU/CDU PhD degree structure within the North Australia Marine Research Alliance (NAMRA) program.

My research intrests are centered on population genetics, in particular phylogeography. To date, majority of my research has looked at dispersal and popuatlion connectivity in kelp and seaweed species around Australasia. 

Topic: Dispersal and connectivity of a critical habitat-forming seaweed in coastal ecosystems of tropical Australasia

Supervisor: Dr Karen Joyce

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