Lindsay Hutley

Lindsay Hutley
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Professor of Environmental Science
Primary research group: 
Ecosystem Function
1997 PhD Department of Botany, The University of Queensland 1991 BSc (Honours, First Class) Department of Botany, The University of Queensland 1983 Associate Diploma in Applied Biology, Queensland Institute of Technology


Lindsay Hutley is a plant physiologist with expertise in plant ecology, ecophysiology, ecohydrology, land-atmosphere exchange and soil science. Lindsay completed his PhD in forest hydrology/botany at the University of Queensland. Lindsay held several post-doctoral fellowships at Charles Darwin University and is now a  Professor in the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods. His recent work has focused on quantifying fluxes of carbon, water and energy balance from a range of ecosystems, including mangroves, temperate old-growth forests and Eucalypt-dominated tropical savanna ecosystems of north Australia.

Research Interests

  • Tropical Savannas
  • Plant Ecology and Botany in northern Australia
  • Carbon and water balance of tropical savannas
  • Impact of fire on savanna productivity and climate
  • Impact of invasive grasses on savanna function
  • Mangrove carbon 

Professional Affiliations

  • Plant Science Australia
  • Ecological Society of Australia
  • Australian Meteorological Oceanographic Society
  • American Geophysical Union


My projects

Mangroves cover <0.03% of the Earth’s surface yet account for ~14% of oceanic carbon burial.

Project funded by the Australian Research Council - Discovery Project (2016-2018)

This field intensive introduces the tropical savanna biome and landscapes of northern Australia,

Ecosystem Function: Field Studies In North Australia

Assessing impact – establishing historic and contemporary sediment accretion and carb

Darwin Harbour mangroves

People I work with

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Dr Mila Bristow
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Matthew Northwood
Research Officer Land-Atmosphere Program (Reserach Associate)
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Clint Cameron
Research Associate/ Program Development Lead
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Madeline Goddard
Honours student - Research Assistant
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Sigit D. Sasmito
PhD Researcher
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Clément Duvert
Research fellow

My blog posts

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Written by: Sarah E. Perkins, Malcon J. Hauser & Sarah R. Sutcliffe


Day 7:

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Written by: Tamara R. Andersen, Razib Ahmed & Kirsten L. Langmaid

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Written by: Helen A. Truscott, Robin Lungeli-Magar & Arashdeep K. Sandhu


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