Natalie Dowling

Natalie Dowling
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PhD Candidate
Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
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 I am a PhD student investigating whether contemporary fire regimes are driving the observed declines of arboreal mammals in Australia’s tropical savannas.  My research focuses on the Kimberley and the Top End, which are the only regions of mainland Australia where mammal populations are still considered to be relatively intact.  I aim to identify the state of the hollow resource in these landscapes and develop management options for increasing hollow abundance.  This project is a partnership between Charles Darwin University and the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and is funded by DPaW and an Australian Research Council linkage grant. 

I completed my Bachelor of Environmental Management majoring in Natural Systems and Wildlife at the University of Queensland in 2014.  My Honours project investigated whether koala habitat occupancy was significantly influenced by elevation and distance from watercourses in a production forest in south-east Queensland.  In general, my research interest is investigating why populations of species occur where they do, and the driver/s of their densities and movement patterns. 

People I work with

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Amanda Lilleyman
PhD student and Research Associate for TSR NESP Project 5.1.1
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Dr Diane Pearson
Alumni - Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Don Franklin
Adjunct Research Fellow
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Muhammad Quddus
PhD Student
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Adam Britton
Adjunct - Senior Research Associate
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Cassie Scoble
Research Associate
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Dr E.O. Menge
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Anna Weier
PhD Student
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Stewart Pittard
PhD Candidate
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Eddie Webber
Alumni - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
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Alyson Stobo-Wilson
PhD Candidate
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Dr Brett Murphy
Senior Research Fellow
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Billy Ross
PhD Student
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Dr Hamish Campbell
Associate Professor
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Harinandanan Paramjyothi
PhD Student
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Amélie Corriveau
PhD Student
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Dr Leigh-Ann Woolley
Research Associate
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Rebecca Lehrke
PhD Student
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Cara Ellen Penton
PhD Candidate