Olukemi Alaba

Olukemi Alaba
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Masters Student
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Remote Sensing


Olukemi Alaba graduated from University of Lagos, Nigeria with Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics. She worked with Abuja Geographic information system (AGIS), in Nigeria for a couple of years as the supervisor for the Document Management Department.

In September 2008, Olukemi got the admission to study at the University of Twente, in the Netherlands for Master Degree in Geo-information Science. On completion of her study in 2010, she worked with TomTom Navigation, in the Netherlands for a year before relocating to Australia in 2011.

Currently, Olukemi is enrolled at CDU as a Masters by Research student. She is focusing on improving decision making in fire management in the NT by validating existing fire products using remote sensing and GIS applications.

My projects

What are the best methods for estimating curing for fire management?

People I work with

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Dr Karen Joyce
Adjunct - Senior Lecturer
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Dr Ian Leiper
Lecturer - Research Fellow
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Dr David Blondeau-Patissier
Alumni - Honorary Research Fellow
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Muditha Heenkenda
PhD Student
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Javier Chen
Alumni - Honours Student
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Andrew Esparon
Research Masters

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