Peter Dostine

Peter Dostine



Peter Dostine is an ecologist with 30 years of experience in the Top End, with interests in conservation management and monitoring. His work includes studies on the trophic ecology of waterbirds and the ecology of granivorous birds. His current projects include a collaborative study of the spatial ecology of fish in large rivers in northern Australia, and the development of a DNA barcode library for freshwater invertebrates to underpin novel monitoring approaches for freshwater systems in northern Australia.



Tracking fish movement in a tropical river system

This is a collaborative research project involving the NT Department of Land Resource Management and RIEL. The project will use acoustic telemetry to describe the nature and extent of movements of fish, including barramundi and fork-tailed catfish, in the Roper River. Data will be used to model the relationships between fish movements and river flow. This information will provide an ecological basis for the management of river flow.