Pierre Feutry

Pierre Feutry
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Alumni - Research Fellow
Primary research group: 
Aquatic Ecology and Management
Master of Science (Sustainable use of coastal ecosystems) from the University of La Rochelle, France. Doctor of Philosophy (Ecology and Evolution) from the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France.


Pierre is an evolutionary ecologist with interests in tropical aquatic systems. He has a background in fish biology, otolith microstructure/microchemistry and genetics. He has particular interest in fish migration.

His PhD examined the evolution of diadromous behaviour, phylogeography and population genetics of genus Kuhlia (Teleostei : Percoidei) in tropical insular systems of the Indo-Pacific region.

Current activities

Pierre is currently a NERP/NAMRA (North Australia Marine Research Alliance, details can be found at http://www.namra.net.au/) postdoctoral fellow working on the Marine Biodiversity Hub project ‘Supporting Management of Listed and Rare Species’, a collaboration between Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory Fisheries and CSIRO. He works on the close-kin component of the project and other molecular techniques. He is based at Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory.

This project will improve the understanding and management of data-poor, low abundance, rarely-encountered threatened euryhaline and estuarine elasmobranch species, through the development of innovative population monitoring and integrated assessment strategies. Threatened sawfishes (Pristis species) and river sharks (Glyphis species) of northern Australia represent the focal species, with an initial focus on Freshwater Sawfish Pristis microdon in several selected rivers of the NT. Details of the project can be found at:


People I work with

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