Prof Chris Austin

Prof Chris Austin
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Adjunct Research Fellow
Primary research group: 
Coastal Processes and Monitoring


Professor Chris Austin is a biodiversity specialist with an interest in the use of modern genetic technologies to address questions in ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation and fish management. He is Head of the School of Science and Primary Industries at Charles Darwin University, a position he took up in December 2005 after 15 years at Deakin University in Victoria.

Professor Austin has worked in both private enterprise and academia in Australia and overseas and is recognised nationally and internationally for his work on the biodiversity and evolution of aquatic species. He has a special interest in building the research and educational capacity in developing countries in biological and environmental science and fostering international scientific collaboration. Currently he manages ARC and AusAID funded projects and contributes to a major Land and Water Australia grant.

My projects

Molecular Generic Variation in Swamp Eels, Monopterus Albus Zuiew

The Systematics of Papuan Freshwater Crayfish of the Genus Cherax Erichson

Ecology and Phylogenetics of Northern Australian Homalopsid Mangrove Snakes

People I work with

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Prof Karen Gibb
Director, RIEL
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Dylan Campbell
Alumni - Research Associate
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Dionisia Lambrinidis
Research Associate - Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology Unit
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Francoise Foti
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Professor Karen Edyvane
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Dr Niels Crosley Munksgaard
Senior Research Fellow
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Anna Padovan
Research Fellow
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Alea Rose
PhD Student - Research Associate
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Simon Townsend
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Heidi Luter
Adjunct - NAMRA Postdoctoral Fellow
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Kanchana Warnakulasooriya
PhD candidate
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Silvia Tonyes
PhD Student
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Rinah Sani
Administrative Leader - Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology Unit

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