Prof Mike Lawes

Prof Mike Lawes
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Professor - Wildlife Science
Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
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My research interests include: (1) the community ecology and tree dynamics of tropical savannas and monsoon forests; (2) the causes of the decline of small mammals in north Australia; and (3) the ecology of feral cats and their interaction with other feral predators. I am especially interested in sprouting ecology and the role of the persistence niche in tropical savannas under climate change. In pursuance of the latter I am currently researching the effect of fire on tree dynamics in tropical savannas; in particular how bark thickness affects individual persistence and resprouting capacity after fire.

Prospective projects

  1. Assessing the effect of Magpie Geese on mango production in the Top End- see Magpie Geese for more information
  2. The effect of oil palm plantations on ecosystem services: insect pollination- see Oil Palm - pollination for more information
  3. The effect of oil palm plantations on ecosystem function: seed dispersal - see Oil Palm - seed dispersal for more information
  4. Resource allocation strategies in disturbance prone environments: sprouting behaviour, carbohydrate storage and the persistence niche- see Sprouting for more information
  5. Surviving fire: stem traits and evolutionary trade-offs - see Stem survival for more information
  6. How fire kills trees: Understanding stem mortality to predict savanna resilience to fire and climate change
  7. Recruitment in tropical cypress-pine: Is Callitris intratropica a useful indicator of savanna health? - see Callitris for more information
  8. The carbon sequestration potential of mixed species tropical plantations - click this link Carbon sequestration for more information [ARC funded project - LP0989161: 'Identifying cost-effective reforestation approaches for biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestrationin the Australian wet tropics]

Current projects

  1. Protecting vulnerable land from high wallaby densities. [Post-doctoral Research Fellow: Dr Miguel Bedoya-Perez]
  2. The invasive potential of Rubberbush (Calotropis procera) in the northern Australia [PhD student: Enock Menge] - click this link Rubberbush for more information
  3. Management of Feral Pigs and Buffalo in Kakadu National Park [PhD student: Stewart Pittard]
  4. Gouldian Finches and Fire [PhD student: Anna Weier]
  5. Ecology of Migratory Shorebirds on Darwin Harbour Mudflats [PhD student: Amanda Lilleyman]
  6. Ecology of the Eastern Sarus crane and drivers in of population trends [PhD student: Robert van Zalinge]
  7. Brolga conservation Ecology [PhD student: Tim Nevard]
  8. Investigating the efficiency of reforestation approaches in restoring rainforest biodiversity and function. [PhD student: Mia Derhe]
  9. Why the white nose? Sexual selection in putty-nose monkeys (Cercopithecus nictitans). [MSc student: Kelly Hutchinson]
  10. Pattern of bark thickness across a landscape-scale fire and productivity gradient in northern Australia [Hons student: Andrew Schubert]
  11. Causes of decline of arboreal small mammals [PhD student: Michael Hitchcock]
  12. Feral cat predation: a driver of small vertebrate decline in north Australia? [participant in ARC funded project - LP100100033: Mammal declines in northern Australia: science for conservation and recovery]


My projects

 ***Exciting opportunity for an applied ecology PhD, funded and supported by industry***

*PhD opportunity working in Sabah*


*PhD opportunity working in Sabah*


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Amanda Lilleyman
PhD student
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Alumni - Senior Research Fellow
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Menge, E.O.
PhD Researcher
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Anna Weier
PhD Student
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Stewart Pittard
PhD Candidate
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Eddie Webber
Alumni - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
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Dr Miguel A Bedoya-Pérez
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Alyson Stobo-Wilson
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Dr Brett Murphy
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Natalie Dowling
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Billy Ross
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Dr Hamish Campbell
Senior Research Fellow/Senior Lecturer
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Harinandanan Paramjyothi
PhD Student
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Leigh-Ann Woolley
Research Associate

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