Prof Samantha Setterfield

Prof Samantha Setterfield
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Adjunct - Associate Professor
Primary research group: 
Tropical Plant and Invasion Ecology


Samantha's main area of research is plant ecology. More specifically she is interested in:

  • The effects of fire on savanna vegetation
  • Restoration ecology
  • Reproductive ecology of savanna vegetation
  • Environmental weeds

My projects

Project funded by the Australian Research Council - Discovery Project (2016-2018)

This project will assess and identify priority areas requiring aerial survey for the invasive Gam

The project is investigating innovative methods of weed mapping and control including testing dif

Sam Setterfield is involved in an Australian Weeds Resarch Centre (AWRC) project awarded to NT DN

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Research Fellow
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Vanessa Adams
Adjunct - Research Fellow
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Damien McMaster
Research Associate

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