Prof Stephen Garnett

Prof Stephen Garnett


Research interests

Stephen Garnett is an environmental scientist with an interest in the knowledge needed to live sustainably in the tropics. Educated at the Australian National University and James Cook University, he has spent most of the last 30 years in the Australian tropics, primarily in private enterprise and government. He joined the staff of Charles Darwin University in May 2004 as Professor of Tropical Knowledge and was Director of the School for Environmental Research from 2007 to 2010.

Professor Garnett is recognised nationally and internationally for research on conservation management, particularly of threatened species. He has more recently become involved in a range of research related to the knowledge economy in tropical Australia, including how to increase Indigenous involvement in the economy, how to attract and retain knowledge workers in the tropics  and how to pool knowledge resources to increase economic productivity. Stephen is interested in the application of tropical knowledge for the purpose of improving livelihoods and conservation outcomes. His research interests within the School for Environmental Research include:

  • Facilitation of Indigenous wildlife-based businesses
  • Natural resource management, including biodiversity conservation, and the opportunities this provides for livelihoods and enterprise development, and
  • Threatened species conservation, ecology, management and economics.

My projects

CDU is involved with the 5th theme - the coastal zones in indigenous tropical and remote context

This project aims to identify adaptation strategies for Australian birds based on modelling, buil

At present, Indigenous land and sea management effectiveness is mostly assessed on the biop

People I work with

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Dr. Beau Austin
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Hmalan Hunter-Xenie
Research Associate
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Judit Szabo
Adjunct - Research Fellow
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Arturo Izurieta
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Jennifer Macdonald
PhD Candidate
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Veronica Toral-Granda
Ph.D. Candidate

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RIEL's Professor Stephen Garnett discusses assisted colonisation as a climate change adaptation measure.

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