Veronica Toral-Granda

Veronica Toral-Granda
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Ph.D. Candidate
Primary research group: 
Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods
1996 - Honours in Biology from the Universidad del Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador 1998 - M.Sc. in Conservation Biology from University of Cape Town, South Africa


I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador and moved to the Galapagos Islands in 1995. I was as a marine biologist in my previous life with sea cucumbers (trepang or beche-de-mer) as my main area of expertise. I worked on sea cucumber biology and their management both locally and internationally (with FAO and CITES). I have also been part of incredible research groups working on marine protected area design and management, ecotourism, biosecurity and terrestrial and marine invasive species. 

Being in Galapagos for all these years, made me realise that the two biggest threats to the Island's wellbeing (human growth and invasive species) need to be tackled together. So I decided to evaluate how humans (and our goods and services) are vectors to introduced species. My thesis entitled "The impact of human mobility in the arrival and dispersal of alien species in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador" aims to use data gathered from the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park, the Biosecurity and Quarantine Agency for the Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism, amongst others, to evaluate the link between our mobility to, from and within the Island with the probability of the arrival and dispersal of introduced species in the Galapagos National Park. Eventually, the results will inform local and national decision makers to help them manage human movement flows within the Islands in order to help keeping Galapagos as one of nature's wonders. 


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Dr. Beau Austin
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Prof Stephen Garnett
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Hmalan Hunter-Xenie
Research Associate
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Judit Szabo
Adjunct - Research Fellow
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Arturo Izurieta
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Jennifer Macdonald
PhD Candidate

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