Adaptation strategies for Australian birds

Adaptation strategies for Australian birds

This project aims to identify adaptation strategies for Australian birds based on modelling, building on a current review of Australian bird status, and deliver a  “Climate change adaptation action plan for Australian birds” that identifies / prioritises which birds require adaptation strategies and where / when to implement these to maximize positive outcomes. This plan will be essential to target effective investment by government, land managers and conservation organisations to protect Australia birds now and into the future.

See: Garnett, S, Franklin, D, Ehmke, G, VanDerWal, J, Hodgson, L, Pavey, C, Reside, A, Welbergen, J, Butchart, S, Perkins, G, Williams, S 2013 Climate change adaptation strategies for Australian birds, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast. pp.109.

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