Reducing the costs and complexity of establishing ‘Judas’ animals

Reducing the costs and complexity of establishing ‘Judas’ animals

This project aims to develop substantially cheaper and simpler-to-use animal locating technology and attachment techniques for ‘Judas’ animal-pest-control applications.

The ‘Judas’ animal technique has proven highly effective in controlling some of Australia’s most destructive vertebrate pests. However, wide-scale application of the technique has been compromised by the need for expensive equipment and professional operators.

The outputs of this project will circumvent these issues, enabling farmers and land managers to implement the ‘Judas’ animal technique themselves, and integrate it into routine operations. This will result in a more wides-spread and persistent application of this targeted method of pest animal control.

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Dr Hamish Campbell
Associate Professor

Primary research group

Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management


Ph.D. Zoology, University of Plymouth (UK)
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Shandala Loving