EACU scores top marks in international quality assurance


EACU scores top marks in international quality assurance

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Within RIEL's  Coastal and Marine Ecology & Management theme, the Environmental Analytical Chemistry Unit (EACU) led by Professor Karen Gibb, provides commercial analytical services in environmental chemistry and microbiology, mainly to industry and government agencies.   EACU participates in QUASIMEME (Quality Assurance of Information for Marine Environmental Monitoring in Europe), an international quality assurance program for marine environmental monitoring.   Such quality assurance and international benchmarking is critical in providing confidence for our clients in the rigour and accuracy of the analyses done at CDU.   I'm delighted to report that the EACU has once again has received excellent results in the latest round of QUASIMEME testing.

The EACU received a perfect (100%) score with Z or error values extremely low.  This ranks it amongst the top research services of its kind in the world.  It has received consistently high results since the inception of QUASIMEME in 1997 and is testament to EACU's precision and accuracy.

Very well done to Karen and the team!