NAMRA (North Australia Marine Research Alliance)

NAMRA (North Australia Marine Research Alliance)

NAMRA logoBased in Darwin, NAMRA (North Australia Marine Research Alliance) brings together the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Charles Darwin University (CDU), the Australian National University (ANU) and the Northern Territory Government to build marine research capacity and capability in northern Australia.

NAMRA research focuses on:

  • Marine biodiversity and natural resource management
  • Estuarine and coastal processes
  • Ocean dynamics
  • Marine and coastal livelihoods and governance

Darwin Harbour is an early recipient of research focus, including classification of the seafloor habitat with high resolution bathymetric mapping. Complementary work in bio-indicator research and hydrodynamic and water quality modelling in Darwin Harbour, involving Larrakia Rangers (traditional owners in the Darwin Harbour region), demonstrates the diversity of expertise available through NAMRA to co-ordinate research relevant to key Northern Territory industry projects.

NAMRA is building marine research capability in northern Australia by investing in post-graduate education and early career researchers, providing opportunities for emerging researchers to work in multidisciplinary teams on exciting projects. NAMRA is funding generous post-doctoral stipends and operating expenses, as well as 'top-ups' and operating expenses for PhD students with Australian post-graduate award or equivalent scholarships.

NAMRA brings together collaborators and stakeholders to better understand the unique north Australian marine environments and will contribute to the sustainable development and management of marine resources in the region.


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