RIEL drives research collaboration and adoption through its participation in a wide range for activities and programs. Here's a showcase of some selected examples.

Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology Unit (ECMU) comprises an interlocking suite of expertise, services, and laboratory capabilities.

The Centre for Renewable Energy is the backbone of research to support renewable energy development in the Territory.

The NAFI (North Australian Fire Information) site was developed by the former Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre and north Australian fire managers and is supported by the Northern Territory Government.

TRaCK (Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge) is a research hub which has drawn together more than 80 of Australia's leading social, cultural, environmental and economic researchers.

The NESP Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub research program is organised around issues-driven, regional case studies. These are delivering new knowledge, tools and partnerships to support sustainable development in northern Australia.

Based in Darwin, NAMRA (North Australia Marine Research Alliance) brings together the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Charles Darwin University (CDU), the Australian National University (ANU) and the Northern Territory Government to build marine research capacity and capability in northern Australia.