Assoc Prof Alison King

Assoc Prof Alison King
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Principle Research Fellow - Aquatic Ecology
Primary research group: 
Aquatic Ecology and Management
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Alison is a Principal Research Fellow in RIEL, who is an internationally published aquatic ecologist, with broad research interests in the ecology of rivers. Her main research interests have focused on investigating the importance of freshwater flows in the ecology of fish, particularly fish recruitment, life history adaptations, environmental flows and flow-ecology relationships. She has extensive experience in working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to ensure improved management through knowledge generation and adaptive management, particularly policy makers, to ensure improved management outcomes through knowledge generation and adaptive management.

Alison has published her work widely in peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and numerous reports; and she also regularly presents her research at conferences and workshops. She has been invited to present keynote presentations at conferences and workshops. She has also received numerous awards recognising her scientific achievements, including the DSE David Ashton Biodiversity Award and the 2012 Australian Society for Fish Biology’s Early Career Excellence Award. In 2014 she graduated as a Fellow of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust. She is also an Assitant Editor for the journal Hydrobiologia.

Alison completed her undergraduate studies at Charles Sturt University, before undertaking her PhD (Monash University, completed 2002). Alison then led a team of researchers at the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (Victorian Government, Dept Sustainability and Environment) from 2002 to 2011, where she investigated the importance of flows in the ecology of fish, particularly their environmental flow requirements. Her role at CDU involves developing partnerships and new research to understand the importance of flows in shaping the ecology of tropical rivers.

Current Projects 

Forecasting fish resilience to environmental change in northern Australia

- ARC 2015 Linkage Grant

- In collaboration with Assoc. Prof. David Crook (CDU), Prof. Michael Douglas (University of Western Australia), Dr. Mark Kennard (Griffith University), Dr. Julian Olden (University of Washington), Dr. Bryan McDonald (NT Fisheries), Dr. Simon Townsend (NT DLRM).

Influence of freshwater flows on growth and abundance of barramundi and mud crab in the Northern Territory

- FRDC 2015 Grant

- In collaboration with Dr. Mark Grubert (NT Fisheries), Assoc. Prof. David Crook (CDU), Dr. Thor Saunders (NT Fisheries), Prof. Michael Douglas (University of Western Australia).

Daly River Fish and Flows Research Program
- Collaboration with NT Fisheries, DLRM and Griffith University

Spatial and Temporal dynamics of fish spawning in the Daly River

Predicting the hydro-ecological consequences of dry season water extraction
- Collaboration with DLRM and Griffith University

Either side of the ‘Big wet’: the future resilience of southeastern Australia’s biota
-Collaboration with University of Canberra, Deakin and Monash Universities

- ARC Linkage Grant (Led by Prof. Ralph MacNally)

Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research Project: Fish Theme


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