Clint Cameron

Clint Cameron
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PhD Candidate / Lecturer in Sustainability
Primary research group: 
Ecosystem Function
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Clint has recently joined REIL as a Research Associate to progress a proposed new initiative in establishing a Blue Carbon program of work that has been gradually gathering momentum over the last year or so. The initiative (as it comes to fruition) will be a multi-disciplinary, inter-organisational collaboration focused on implementing Blue Carbon project interventions in the Republic of Indonesia at two preliminary demonstration sites and several reference sites (including Darwin Harbour). Clint has a background in marine science, national/international conservation management, and environmental law/ planning and has worked within government, not for profit/NGO’s, and corporate consulting environments. Clint’s a Kiwi, enjoys his ‘fushing’ (sic) and diving, most sports and is not impartial to a quiet beer.

People I work with

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Lindsay Hutley
Professor of Environmental Science
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Dr Mila Bristow
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Matthew Northwood
Research Officer Land-Atmosphere Program (Reserach Associate)
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Madeline Goddard
Honours student - Research Assistant
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Sigit D. Sasmito
PhD Researcher
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Clément Duvert
Research fellow

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Mangroves are so special they have their own carbon: Blue carbon.

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In early March a RIEL team spent a busy, productive week in Indonesia to progress the nascent Rehabilitating Blue Carbon Habitats (RBCH) Program.