Dr E.O. Menge

Dr E.O. Menge
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Primary research group: 
Savanna Wildlife Research and Conservation Management
Enock Menge holds the BSc and MSc (Egerton University) and PhD from Charles Darwin University. For his PhD, Dr Menge examined the invasiveness of rubber bush (Calotropis procera) in the semi-arid environment of northern Australia. The research investigated the reproductive ecology, seed germination responses to temperature and water stress, dispersal ability and population growth, the role of disturbance in the spread of rubber bush, the potential distribution of the species in Australia and the overall weed risk, concluding with a synthesis and a series of recommendations for its management. The thesis comprises of various publications that may be found in the list of publications.


Radio interview on Rubber Bush research


People I work with

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Amanda Lilleyman
PhD student and Research Associate for TSR NESP Project 5.1.1
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Dr Diane Pearson
Alumni - Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Don Franklin
Adjunct Research Fellow
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Muhammad Quddus
PhD Student
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Adam Britton
Adjunct - Senior Research Associate
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Cassie Scoble
Research Associate
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Anna Weier
PhD Student
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Stewart Pittard
PhD Candidate
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Eddie Webber
Alumni - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
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Alyson Stobo-Wilson
PhD Candidate
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Dr Brett Murphy
Senior Research Fellow
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Natalie Dowling
PhD Candidate
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Billy Ross
PhD Student
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Dr Hamish Campbell
Associate Professor
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Harinandanan Paramjyothi
PhD Student
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Amélie Corriveau
PhD Student
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Dr Leigh-Ann Woolley
Research Associate
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Rebecca Lehrke
PhD Student
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Cara Ellen Penton
PhD Candidate