Prof Samantha Setterfield

Prof Samantha Setterfield
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Adjunct - Associate Professor
Primary research group: 
Tropical Plant and Invasion Ecology


Samantha's main area of research is plant ecology. More specifically she is interested in:

  • The effects of fire on savanna vegetation
  • Restoration ecology
  • Reproductive ecology of savanna vegetation
  • Environmental weeds

My projects

Project funded by the Australian Research Council - Discovery Project (2016-2018)

Sam Setterfield is involved in an Australian Weeds Resarch Centre (AWRC) project awarded to NT DN

This project is a collaboration between CSIRO (lead agency) CDU and Central Queensland University

This project application addresses research and managment needs identified in the proposed TAP an

People I work with

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Dr Natalie Rossiter-Rachor
Research Fellow
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Vanessa Adams
Adjunct - Research Fellow
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Damien McMaster
Research Associate

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